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Welcome to V0C4L01D-RP!

V0C4L01D-RP is a roleplay group on deviantART for fans of Hatsune Miku, or just Vocaloid in general. Instead of just one specific character, you would be RPing as that particular character as they would act in a particular song. (For example, yandere Kaito in 'Uninstall'.) If you'd like to join, please scroll down and read the rules, and also take a look at which characters are available. When you've done that, please send a note stating that you would like to join.

How does the RPing here work?
Well, Vocaloid RPs generally tend to have just one person RPing as Miku or Rin, but in this RP group, things are  a little different. Say someone wants to RP as Miku, but someone else is already RPing as her. Here, more than one person may RP as Miku. For example, someone could RP as World is Mine!Miku, portraying her as a spoilt girl, whilst Someone else could RP as Daughter of Green!Miku, portraying her as an innocent village girl. If that still doesn't make sense, just imagine that the Miku for 'World is Mine' is an entirely different character from 'Daughter of Green' Miku.

1. First of all, please read the rules and check which characters are available.
2. Afterwards, note the club with the following application form, with the subject 'Application', or something similar.
3. Once you've been accepted, you may make your account and join the group!

Application Form
1. Good morning/afternoon/evening/Monday! So, which character do you so wish to claim? (Please lable the name of the song and a link to the PV.)

2. How will you portray this character?

3. Perhaps a small RP sample? It doesn't have to be long- a few sentences or so will do, but you will have to portray your character's personality quite clearly.

4. Any reasons why you want to RP as this character?

5. Anything else you‘d like to say?

Please watch/join/and comment on the front page of this group once you have made your RP account, as it is easier for us to  find you.   

:star: Always respect other users. This goes for anything, really.
:star: When talking OOC (Out of character) please use brackets or parentheses. Ex: (( )), [[ ]], << >>, etc.
:star:  Please only make your account after you’ve been accepted.
:star:  Please no godmodding or mary-suing/gary-suing.
:star: No 16+ RP in the chat. Take it to notes.
:star: Like most chatrooms, spamming is not advised.
:star: A maximum of eight accounts are permitted. If you want to proceed in applying and making more, then you are responsible in making sure your accounts are still active.
:star: Have fun.


Listing currect and upcoming Contests.

Note: When entering a contest, please note the group. We will list entries on here for all to view, ONLY if they are noted to us.
No exceptions.

Upcoming Plans
-favorite summer scene
-Lady Gaga dress-up

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